• Lake Erie Foundation Files Amicu Brief in Support of the Clean Water Act/TMDL Lawsuit.  See the following links for more details:  Press Release, Amicus Brief Motion, Amicus Brief
  • Updated Asian Carp Website:  We invite you to explore the updated website, which can now be accessed via phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. With more intuitive navigation and organization, learning about the fight against invasive Asian carp is easier than ever.
  • Most Recent Algae Forecast:
    • Here is today’s Lake Erie algae bulletin. Notice that there is a bloom but the color is blue and green rather than red meaning that the algae is less dense.
  • Did You Ever Wonder What is Meant by the designation:  Lake Erie Waters Impairment?  Below are several great links to understand what the term means and why it is an important first step in helping protect Lake Erie’s water quality.