The Journal Sentinel: (11-14-18) Senate passes bill to keep ballast water containing invasive species out of Great Lakes

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The Sandusky Register: (10-31-18) This year’s harmful algal bloom was relatively mild, scientists say

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The News Herold: (10-29-18) Army Corps. of Engineer restoring, adding to wetlands along shoreline

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The Plain Dealer: (10-19-18) Ohio Department of Agriculture director fired for opposing Kasich’s algal-bloom policies

Fresh Water Future: (12-19-18) GLRI Cleans Up Toxic Dump + Water Affordability & PFAS Are Center Stage In MI + Stakeholders Engage On GLC + Climate Change Concerns UN 

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The Toledo Blade:(10-18-19) Citizens group seeks Toledo city council support on Lake Erie Bill of Rights

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The Plain Dealer: (10-12-18) Ohio EPA awards $100,000 to research using dredged Lake Erie sediment on farm fields

Great Lakes Daily News: (10-12-18) University of Michigan researchers look to make diesel fuel from algae with $2M grant

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The Plain Dealer: (10-1-18) Cleveland to study docks around FirstEnergy Stadium, North Coast Harbor in lakefront development plan

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The Toledo Blade: (09-09-18) Lake Erie, other environmental issues factor into Ohio governor’s race

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